How Can I Lose Weight?

How Can I Lose Weight?

How Can I Lose Weight
How can I lose weight? Your weight loss lifestyle and nutrition program may be as simple as identifying your underlying cause of weight loss resistance. [more]

Functional Medicine

How Can I Lose Weight?
The weight loss coaching program includes functional laboratory testing natural foods, natural supplements, and dietary lifestyle changes. [more]

Nutrition Coaching

How Can I Lose Weight
Our weight loss coaching program includes 4 levels of care at our Holistic Specialists Miami center or online video conferencing. [more]

How Can I Lose Weight

 “How can I lose weight?” is a website to help you attain your weight loss goals using a diverse menu that is based on your metabolic, genetic, physiologic, and symptomatic results based on a combination of diagnostic tests from blood and urine samples, medical history, and a physical exam. Our clinical practice includes online consultations along with the patients that we see at our South Florida clinic. Our medical doctors, acupuncturists, herbal therapy, nutrition coaching, medical massage, moxibustion therapy, and our online natural alternative medicine store allows people from around the world to either mail their samples to the lab and carry out their weight loss program online or visit our large Miami Holistic Specialists Center. Our multi lingual and multicultural holistic weight loss program will design your diet based on natural foods (what are natural remedies) (remedio natural) selected on your unique lifestyle and our functional medicine laboratory. “How can I diet with natural foods?”, “What is acupuncture?” and “How can I be healthy?” are the questions that our holistic specialists center and series of medical websites address.

How can I lose weight? With our weight loss program through a customized nutrition profile combined with diagnostic testing we will help you to reach your weight loss goals for good. We will teach you a natural food lifestyle and coach you in the correct way of eating to fire up your unique metabolism and test you to see if there are any blockages which might impede you to lose weight; it is a lifelong commitment to be in shape with a toned body not a diet or surgery.

How can I lose weight? We are not looking for a quick fix but to recognize which foods and supplements are good just for you and to educate you through making the right choices when it comes to food, food preparations, supplements, type of exercise, Chinese medicines, and other lifestyle changes.
Would you like to get in the best health and fitness while you keep the weight off for life? Our holistic specialists will make sure you will reach your goals analyzing your nutrition profile, current lifestyle, and medical history to recommend the best foods, supplements, homeopathic treatments, and lab testing to reach your goals.
The benefits of the Holistic Specialists weight loss program include:

  • Permanent weight loss
  • Eliminate sugar and carbohydrate cravings
  • No counting calories or meal replacement
  • More energy, better mood, sleep, hair and skin
  • Only delicious real foods
  • A lifestyle that you can maintain for life
  • Education instead of a dry written program

It has never been easier to lose weight and keep it off!
Our world renowned holistic weight loss clinic is affiliated and right next to the Urology Specialists center. Dr. Edward Gheiler and his team of 16 urology specialists (What is urology) also assist our clients when symptoms such as stress incontinence, kidney mass, microscopic hematuria, gross hematuria, testicular cancer symptoms, bladder symptoms, prostate symptoms, erectile dysfunction causes, or urinary symptoms occur. The Holistic Specialists and the Urology Specialists (What is a urologist) work hand in hand to make sure all the needs of our clients will be met.

“How can I lose weight naturally?” gives the men with impotence causes one of the most common solutions to erectile dysfunction. Losing weight is also the best medical solution for men seeking penis enlargement. These Ivy League urologic leaders understand the importance of using the holistic approach to urology, weight loss and how to be healthy. This partnership allows our clients the “best in class” western medicine. Our doctors, acupuncturists, and world class surgeons (da Vinci surgery) are affiliated with the best medical facilities in Miami Dade, and Broward, Florida. The Urology Specialists and the Holistic Specialists have divergent methods for analyzing the kidney, the bladder and the prostate (prostate exam) but ultimately their diagnosis is similar. The preventive medicine holistic approach to correcting the problem is less traumatic and toxic while the urology specialists treat the disease approach is more direct and intrusive. According to the diagnosis and the patient, one approach will become the initial plan of care. Kidney stones treatment usually becomes a holistic specialists approach but when kidney stone pain and kidney stone size becomes too much, then kidney surgery becomes the modality of choice.
Holistic weight loss benefits overall health and longevity but statistically a certain percentage of the population needs radical cancer surgery. Weight loss is the most natural thing a person can do to decrease their chances of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Preventive medicine starts with weight loss, eating healthy foods, and exercise. If and when renal cell carcinoma, prostate cancer, or a cancer bladder tumor does occur then holistic preventive medicine is replaced with a partial nephrectomy nefrectomia, prostate cancer surgery, prostate radiation, prostate cryosurgery, or bladder surgery. Holistic preventive medicine measures can help a man prevent and sometimes reduce BPH.

How can I lose weight? If what you have been doing up to today has not worked, then get educated, get tested, and learn how to make the proper lifestyle changes and to eat according to your unique biochemistry. Call (305) 822-7227 for an appointment or make an appointment online for the time and date of your convenience. Read our Holistic Specialists blog or ask our holistic specialists specific or general questions relating to “how can I lose weight?”


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How Can I Lose Weight
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